Kennel Technicians

Nick, Kennel Technician

Molly, Kennel Technician

Rachael, Kennel Technician

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Jacob, Kennel Technician- Supervisor

I have always loved animals, and the beach, but it was an internship at the Conservator's Center that gave me the experience and perspective to devote my life to caring for animals. Regardless of the species, my desire is to provide comfort, love and assistance to animals that need it. After working in boarding and animal daycare facilities, I chose to become part of the Atlantic Animal Hospital team in 2016 for the exposure to both the medical and everyday animal care. Here I have the opportunity to bond with your pet on a daily basis and help them when they are sick. I am fortunate to share my home with my wonderful girlfriend, a leopard gecko named Geek, and my great furry canine companions, Murphy and Kong.

Hannah, Kennel Technician

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