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Sarah, Doggie Daycare Technician

I never have a bad day when I am at work with your pet. The ability an animal has to make me smile is uncanny. I enjoy meeting the new pets and owners that working here offers me. I share my home with a special beagle named Daisy who runs my life. My personal goal is to continue my education and stay in the medical field working as a physical therapist. Meanwhile, I continue to help your pets love us as much as we love them.

Matt, Doggie Daycare Technician

Jennifer, Doggie Daycare Technician

My day would not be complete without spending time with animals. A Wilmington native, I have always loved animals and by joining the Atlantic Animal Hospital team, i was able to turn my passion into a career. My work is not a job because when I am on the puppy play yard with the dogs, I feel at home. I share my home with Lady, Dutchess and Sarge (Golden Retriever, Pomeranian and Dachshund mix- respectively) and a not-so-cuddly hedgehog named Rocket. I plan to continue my work with animals while pursuing my masters degree.

Kelly, Doggie Daycare Technician

This is my second time around at Atlantic Animal Hospital. After leaving for a brief stint in Virginia, I was happy to return to Wilmington and rejoin this team. I enjoy that I get to interact with so many different dogs, and personalities, on a daily basis. Their unconditional love and devotion is amazing. I am currently pursuing interior design and share my life with my wonderful Walker Hound mix, Maeby.

Kyle, Groomer

There is nothing better to bring you out of a bad mood then cute fluffy cats and dogs. Perhaps, that is why I love grooming so much. I get to care for your pets and make them smell and look great in hopes that they lift your mood as they do mine. I was born in Germany while my father was stationed in the Army, but raised in Wilmington after my father's tour ended. I have trained with a competitive show groomer and worked in both privately owned groom facilities as well as in a veterinary hospital. I appreciate the impact good grooming has on your pet's overall health and well-being, and enjoy that I can make a positive impact on their lives in such an enjoyable way. I am fortunate that my two cats, Scout & Sprout, allow me to live with them, alongside my fiance, Bobby, and Airedale/Otterhound mix, Olive. I am continuing to work toward my master groomer certification and hope to compete in grooming competitions in the future.

Lindsay, Doggie Daycare Technician

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